Never done 3D at a football games.

Apparently, the fine folks at ESPN do not read the Clog. Shame, because if they had, they’d be aware that 3D technology has been proven to cause “eyestrain, fatigue and headaches,” all of which we’re not really that fond of.

As if watching movies in 3D doesn’t suck enough, ESPN 3D has announced that two Cal football games — Oct. 6 at Oregon and Oct. 13 against USC — will broadcast in 3D.

To see the games, you’ll need a very pricey 3D-ready TV, meaning you can’t just sit at a bar wearing flimsy 3D glasses and expect anything to happen (although that would be extremely amusing to see). read more »

They may be a rock, but they're not an island.
You know what sucks? The economy. You know what sucks harder? When people with power try to use the economy as an excuse to impinge upon journalistic integrity. And, unfortunately, that’s basically what’s happening right now at the Oregon Daily Emerald, the University of Oregon’s independent student paper.  

Fortunately for our faith in college media, the staff of the Emerald decided to do something about it. read more »