The accolades just keep rolling in. Seems like just yesterday (it was) that we were proudly boasting UC Berkeley’s impressive ranking on the Global Language Monitor’s list of “Buzzworthy Schools.”

And now we discover we have the fourth best reputation in the whole wide academic world? Ego = seriously stroked.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings incorporate evaluations of 13,388 institutions of higher learning in 131 countries. The 2011 survey found that read more »

tree hugger

As per usual, we be toppin’ da lists. So we’re a kick ass university in a crime-infested area with an sizeable hipster population. We’re also one of the greenest, a Princeton Review ranking reports. And though we bring this news to you on this twentieth day of April, “green” here does not refer to pot (Oaksterdam, we humbly concede that to you) but to eco-sustainability, both in practice and student enthusiasm. read more »