2475149762_be7b1aed72_oOH snap. But really, the headline is a bit sensational. (That’s what they’re for, though, right?) It’s merely referring to the Wall Street Journal’s latest study, which surveyed recruiters from 479 of the world’s largest companies asking which schools they deem to be the “top picks” in terms of turning out graduates who are “best prepared and most able to succeed.”

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TASTYIf you didn’t get enough global culture at the Berkeley World Music Festival a couple of weeks ago, this Sunday from 12-5 p.m. is your chance to go for seconds at the Berkeley International Food Festival. The festival’s “nexus” will be at the intersection of University and San Pablo Avenues, which means you can take the 51–and you have no transportation-related excuses.

The international fun doesn’t end with comestibles. There will also be a main stage where “Grammy-nominated music sensation Johnny Polanco and his renowned LA salsa band” will be spicing up the general atmosphere, while a smattering of other world music and dance styles will be represented elsewhere.

And if world music still isn’t your cup of tea, don’t forget why you’re actually there–the food. In other words, if you attend the Berkeley Interntaional Food Festival and you leave without stuffing your face, you’ve done something horribly, horribly wrong.

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Oh, when will it all be over! The Clog doesn’t care so much about that tree crap as much as people whose livelihood is partially dependent on keeping track of anything having to do with Cal football (which includes the damn stadium that’s on the damn earthquake fault).

Thus, we suggest you go to the commendably thorough California Golden Blogs for in-depth coverage of flinging excrement, grown adults acting like they’re in Never Never Land and high-res photos of Dumpster Muffin’s piss bottles.

In the mean time, we’ll give you a few “updates” on the saga that’s taking forever and ever to wrap–the Daily Cal reports that a stadium go-ahead is likely if they change their blueprints, although actual construction will definitely depend on whether the tree-sitters continue to build forts up there.

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We’ve discovered why the streets of Berkeley look so messy, especially during this finals season. And no, it’s not because of that bum on the corner over there.

It’s because students leave their shit around the city like it’s their own messy dorm room.

CBS 5 is reporting that it’s become so much of a problem that the university has set up a hotline for people to call if they see a mess on their street corner.

UC Berkeley is encouraging anyone who sees trash to dial (510) 643-5309, and the university will send someone to pick up the garbage.

The campus will also be setting up debris bins around the city where there is a large population of students so that they can throw all their old readers and textbooks away, instead of leaving them in the bushes.

Hey, instead of throwing those old readers away, why not give them to that bum on your local street corner? He needs to get an education too.