Sather gate lightsIt’s Big Game Week. The football face-off with our friendly foes doesn’t take place until Saturday, but that doesn’t mean that Cal can’t start getting its spirit on a little early. And so we couldn’t be more thrilled to see the lovely light display that now decorates our quaint little campus — the copious amount of blue and gold just warms our hearts. read more »

For the men who make up Noteworthy, creating music is about more than just singing. They write their own songs, choreograph the moves and make sure that every performance is exactly that. Yes, they sing (and really gosh darn well, we might add), but Noteworthy entertains in a way that, to quote our 5th grade report cards, “exceeds expectations.”

When we took some time to chat with the guys, read more »


Nearly everyone knows that Berkeley is a melting pot of people. Different cultures, religions, talents and mindsets come together to call Cal their home for (hopefully) four years.

Berkeley has something special though. There’s tolerance and then there’s something more. The fact a particular bake sale happened without any violence in consequence — that’s respect. Call it what you may, but a civilized sharing of opinions doesn’t happen just anywhere.

A prime example of this kind of respect is the Prayer Tent sponsored by Unity in Christ. We’ve noticed it out on Upper Sproul Plaza over the past few days, so when The Clog had an opportunity to interview junior Eun Sun Cho — a sociology and social welfare major — to learn more about the Prayer Tent and its general purpose, we jumped on it. read more »

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This fearless team of Cloggers is ready to document you/your sign-holding minion. If you’re campaigning on campus for the ASUC elections, and you accost one of us, we will whip out our cameras and ask you a few questions. You’ve been warned.

Be prepared for silly questions, and no, we won’t take your flyers. We want to meet you (or your freshman volunteer) to understand why you’ve decided to instill so much fear and anxiety in the casual Upper Sproul Plaza stroller.

In contrast to the shadow cast over UC Berkeley’s cultural diversity and unity, students joined together last night to light candles in remembrance of the victims of the recent Mumbai terrorists attacks. While you grab your pencil-topper globe to figure out where exactly Mumbai is, know that the guy sitting next to you in lecture may have been directly affected by these killings. Crazy stuff.

Students of all cultures, colors, religions, shapes and flavors attended the vigil on Upper Sproul Plaza, providing moral support for fellow classmates whose friends were killed and yet other students who call Mumbai home. Our hearts go out the the students and families affected by this tragedy.

Image Source: Whirling Pheonix under Creative Commons
Students Hold Vigil On Campus For Mumbai Victims [Daily Cal]
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Ah, tables on Upper Sproul Plaza. How we are usually mildly annoyed by thee. Not so, yesterday, though. Nay, yesterday, one from among your endless ranks actually got us to crack a smile by letting us take a crack at Sarah Palin. (Say “crack” again … Crack.)

These guys took that whole “Sarah Palin is an easy target” thing very literally, inviting passersby to pay a dollar and win prizes by throwing darts at a Sarah Palin dartboard. Prizes included lollipops with Obama faces, novelty books and “Barack”-oli. (It was broccoli. Get it? That one really tickled our funny bone.) Their punniness extended to their shout out for the Jewish New Year with a sign that said, “Rosh Obama.”

All the proceeds were donated to the Obama presidential campaign.

Image Source: April Angeles