Like the students at any self-respecting institution, we here at Cal are of the hyper-competitive, Fountain of Youthoverachieving super nerds type – or at least, that’s what the rest of the world seems to think. Those descriptions aren’t entirely inaccurate however. We all have a desire to be better than everyone else – not pointing any fingers, pre-Haas kids – and we’re typically willing to use rather creative methods to get to that point. Some of us would even say that we

The need to keep up with the ‘Berkeley student expectations has correlated with a huge rise in popularity of supplement use over the last few years. In our efforts to make up for our lack of attention or focus, we have created a generation that has raised the standard for both grades and partying. These drugs have been considered saviors, revolutionary even. However, thanks to the efforts of a group led by Berkeley’s very own Professor Danica Chen, we can now propose an alternative that is – dare we say it – legendary.

The so-called “Fountain of Youth” has long been idealized as the solution to all our problems and the bringer of many more if you’re an ardent fan of Jack Sparrow and company. But no longer is it just a legend located in Florida or the Bahamas – depending on which power-hungry explorer you ask. As our understanding of the aging sciences increases – and by “our,” we mean the really smart people who were probably taking some Adderall – there have been breakthroughs in what is hailed as a “longevity gene.” These wondrous proteins not only halt the degeneration of cells by stress-coping mechanisms, but manipulate the process of aging, which has been read more »

For better or worse, everyone from Grandma to your roommate to Chancellor Birgeneau (OK, maybe not him) is shaking their tailfeather to Soulja Boy’s “Crank That.”

In an attempt to remain hip and cool, the Clog has had the instructional video on repeat. Unfortunately in the middle of following Soulja Boy’s steps, we always break into the Cotton Eye Joe.

In what has become a contemporary measurement of popularity, countless YouTube videos have popped up of people emulating Soulja Boy’s dance. One video, in particular, caught the attention of the Clog: a ballet class breaking it down.

In light of this video, the Cloggers have become curious as to what exactly these youngsters are advocating. What does “Superman that ho” mean?

To answer the question, the Clog consulted the omniscient Urban Dictionary:

when you cum on a girls back and then stick the sheets to her, so when she wakes up in the morning she has a cape

Erm (second definition) … that’s just grody.

Soulja Boy (Ballet Video) [YouTube]
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