Amer AparLooking around the Berkeley campus we find them everywhere.  Hanging out in a coffee shop with their MacBooks, on Memorial Glade with a pair of aviators and shoes off, on the steps of Wheeler hall reading or walking in exactly 10 minutes after the hour to their Literature / Art History / Film classes.  Hipsters.  Well, the population may be increasing due to hipster clothing being discounted to a fraction of the price.  We may see Berkeley inching our way closer to the top of the “Most Hipster Campus”  list. Feeling edgy? read more »

urban outfittersComing to our cultural rescue, as always. We can count on you, UO, to smooth the rough edges off of what might have once been labeled “alternative” and serve it to us, nice and convenient, on one pricey platter. Now, they’re taking their crash course in what’s cool and new in the world of indie pop culture to the web with a brand new blog! Stay tuned for daily updates on fashion and the ultra-hip happenings in cities where you probably don’t live. For example, read more »