Iz economy better yet?And this has got nothing to do with Halloween. Yesterday, U.S. News published a Professors’ Guide column featuring “10 Steps for Thinking About Grad School.” Please note that they didn’t say, “10 Steps to Getting Into Grad School and Having a Successful Life.” No, this list is just for thinking about higher, higher education. Ugh.

The gist is basically that you’ve got to be awesome and all your professors should love you. And your professors should also be pretty awesome, otherwise their recommendations will mean about as much as a recommendation from your parents, which would mean diddly squat. Furthermore, you should have awesome scores on the GREs. Oh, and it helps to be awesome.

Yeah, so if you’re having trouble finding an autumnal event frightening enough for your adrenaline junkie tastes, just try clicking here. It’ll give you the shivers for realsies.

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10 Steps for Thinking About Grad School [U.S. News]
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And by “on the cheap,” we mean for totally free. US News’ Professors’ Guide Rocket Science rip Woodstock divx Crocodile Dundee II video just posted some tips on how to take classes from top universities (ours included, nah-turally … ) via the interwebs. A couple of high rollin’ philanthropic foundations partnered with the OpenCourseWare Consortium to put course materials online, accessible to anyone with the cojones to undertake something requiring this much self-discipline. read more »

Extwa, extwa! Wead all about it!US News just released its grad school rankings. Haas is a lucky No. 7 for business, Berkeley’s College of Engineering ranks third for engineering and Boalt is the sixth best law school in the land. Oh, and the baller-est Berkeley graduate program of them all? ENGLISH, baby! We may not be making any money, but at least we’re the best at it. [US News]

BART fares are probably going to be hiked in July. Groan. Sigh. [SFist


It was only a matter of time before the ASUC demanded its own recount. Wait, what? They do this every year? Well in that case … [Daily Cal]

Speaking of recounts, Al Gore was here. Get excited for this awesome audio slideshow, since you probably missed him in person. Also, ManBearPig

Swamp Devil full

! That is all. [Daily Cal]

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We'll CLAW our way to the top.OK, so at spot numero 48, we’re hardly the Blair Waldorf of U.S. News and World Report’s “Most Popular Colleges” list, but the point is we made it–and Berkeley’s ahead of UCLA, Cal Tech and about a hundred other national universities. Oh, and did we mention we’re also a good page jump ahead of the University of Southern California?

Guess money really can’t buy you lov–Um … hey, what’s up, list-topper Harvard and fourth most popular Stanford? Want to set your solid gold lunch trays down at our cafeteria table? Nah, you can take our last Nutter Butter. It’s not like they’re our FAVORITES. But now that you’re here, can we come to your party on Saturday? We hear it’s going to be off the heezy and all your, like, totally rich alumni are going to be there, and stuff … Ahem. Cough. Sonotbitter! Cough. read more »


U.S. News releases its yearly university rankings. Everyone tries not to care. The magazine issue flies off racks anyway.

Incestuous bit-point ranking tussles among the top Ivies be damned, the Clog’s more interested in how our own university did in this year’s grad school lists, which follow after the jump. read more »

While you were missing us, here’s something else you might have missed: U.S. News’ The Paper Trail nominated yours truly as “Best Alternative Media Outlet.” They placed a similar honor on The Daily Californian’s Victoria Tang–nominated “Columnist of the Year” for her cheeky thoughts concerning male chivalry.

And as if the tree-sitters don’t get enough attention–they were nominated for being the biggest non-story of 2007 thanks to our extensively whiny coverage. We continue to lament the glacial pace of the judge’s deliberations, along with the tree sitters’ overall irksomeness.

It’s truly a delight for the Clog to be considered among the likes of many prominent Ivy League blogs like the Bwog and Gadfly–but uh, don’t vote for them. Apparently, there’s already some shady business going on with the competition.

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Voting Begins for Best of College Newspapers 2007 [U.S. News]