464951494_40b4b7e1e1OK, so admittedly, that was a kind of terrible pun. And considering we don’t know Alex Velez and Nikhil Arora personally, we can’t vouch for their fun-ness with a real degree of certainty.

However, we can tell you about BTTR Ventures—pronounced “better” and standing for Back To The Roots—which is the brainchild of the two Haas School of Business seniors. Under their leadership, BTTR Ventures has developed a fertilizer composed of cafes’ used coffee grounds and, in turn, employed that fertilizer in growing delicious-nutritious mushrooms. The production costs are low, the mushrooms themselves relatively cheap, and local jobs are already opening up as a result.

Moreover, by making use of those grounds, Velez and Arora have found an application for what is apparently “one of the most abundant waste streams in America.” Meaning that if BTTR Ventures evolves into the national network that the pair envisions, we caffeine fiends could continue to frequent our favorite cafes, feed our relentless addictions, and save the planet in the process.

If that’s not the true definition of “fun,” then we don’t know what is.

Image Source: Jackson Boyle under Creative Commons
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