For those who felt as though Sunday, Feb. 14, was better spent without a box of half-eaten chocolates and sappy romantic comedies, San Francisco offered a therapeutic alternative. Armed with pillows and maybe a bit of pent up emotion, fun-loving locals arrived at the Embarcadero, ready for the fight to commence. At the strike of midnight 6pm, the crowds wasted no time in rushing towards each other as the feathers began to fly.

San Francisco is hardly the only city where these flash-mob gatherings have occurred. Boston, London, Paris, Stockholm, and dozens more have all hosted similarly massive pillow fights. The Bay Area bash, however, tried to keep the environment in mind by requesting that all participants use pillows filled only with natural materials (no synthetics, please) in case some rogue feathers made their way to the water. Because nothing brings down a Valentine’s pillow fight like … pollution.

Image Source: Laughing Squid under Creative Commons

390552100_2d5a1d6413Okay, so we’re sure most of us can agree that Feb. 14 is a steaming load of bollocks. But whether you’re single and loath to feel the least bit sorry for yourself, or blissfully in love and still of the opinion that Valentine’s Day is dumb as f*ck, there is NOTHING preventing you from getting out and milking the occasion for every drop of awesome it possibly has to offer.

Don’t Wait Till the Weekend
SF Bay Guardian lists a cornucopia of opportunities beginning as early as tomorrow night—among these Cal Academy’s weekly Thursday NightLife, Burlesque-wrestlemania, and something that the post’s author has dubbed “Arabs Gone Wild.” Prices range from nonexistent to moderately affordable.

Vegans Need Love Too!
Hence, Berkeley’s Vegan Valentine’s Day Dance. It’s not on V-Day exactly (rather Friday, Feb. 12) and tickets are a little on the steep side ($50 a person), but they get you access to an open bar, fabulous food and raffle tickets rendering you eligible for miscellaneous goodie bags and gift certificates. Plus, singles as well as couples are invited, AND it’s LGBT-friendly. Can you say love, twu love? read more »