Chocolate: the Best Candy. No arguments.

As the week is starting to settle into a post-Valentine’s Day torpor, we’re  sure that many of you have stashes of chocolate left-over from friends and lovers that will be greedily consumed over the weekend.  In perfect timing, Berkeley Wellness Alerts released an article that reports that chocolate may have positive effects on your heart – in this case, distinct physical effects, not just the emotional rush of receiving sweets from loved ones. read more »


For those who are still planning for Valentine’s Day celebrations, what’s a better way to enjoy the holiday than treating your date to a nice dinner?  Heck, even if you’re single, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to go out with friends and treat yourself to an indulgent (and probably expensive) meal. There’s nothing better than scouting out good eats with your loved ones.

Of course, there are plenty of delicious restaurants in the Berkeley area to choose from. Below are some suggestions from us to consider when planning your night out. These restaurants have the food and ambiance that’s suitable for Valentine’s Day and as a plus, they are close to campus – we understand the plight of the car-deprived. Here is the list: read more »

valentineOkay, so reading Browning may not be the most romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day but neither is stressing over gifts or how you’ll impress your date. Instead of thinking of activities that are couple-friendly (you know, stuff you can do together), poor lovers-to-be make the mistake of buying chocolate for each other or dare we say it, go on a date to Crossroads. Gasp! Hear us out before you stuff your ears. read more »

chocolate covered strawberries 2
Folks, it is what it is. Ze Clog is about to get all fancy and teach ze art of winning hearts of our readers’ Valentines – with food, duh. Vat else is necessary if there is zensual chocolate and aphrodisiac strawberries involved?

But in all seriousness, the Clog’s going to tell you the basics of making these beauties. How can freakin’ chocolate–covered strawberries ever disappoint? They’ve never failed us whenever we’ve wanted to get laid we wanted to express our love for our loved ones, be it friends, significant others, or your wonderful parents –  but at this point, Mom and Dad probably want you to leave them alone and stop asking for their money more than anything else (commence laughter).

Chocolate-strawberries are delicious and relatively easy to make. For the effort you put in, the results and the appreciation from your Valentine(s) will prove to be more than worth it. Simple and yet impressive. So be you male or female, don the sacred apron and be prepared to make these babies. And if they turn out ugly, at least they’ll still taste good. Like all things, this comes with practice. Good luck! read more »


Ah, it’s the beginning of February and the weeks are slowly ramping up to Valentine’s Day and the fabulous candy discounts that come afterwards in supermarkets everywhere (let’s admit it, the cheap chocolate is better than the holiday itself, yes?). However, in the midst of Valentine preparations for your special someone, make sure not to forget another upcoming, important tradition. UC Berkeley will be showing their 11th annual production of playwright Eve Ensler’s  “Vagina Monologues” in honor of V-Day this week. read more »

love stinksAh February, the one month where the sun is smiling, the birds are chirping, and love is in the air. Psyche! Commonly titled “Singles Awareness Day,” Valentine’s Day feels the wrath of these very aware singles (dare I say the majority of the UC population?). After all, who wants to be reminded that they will not be receiving flowers and warm kisses on the day of love?

Now there is good news for all you singles! A longitudinal study on romance has recently surfaced, revealing that adolescents who become romantically involved tend to become more depressed than those who are not romantically involved. In fact, even couples who are currently in a relationship (aka have not experienced the dreaded breakup) are more prone to depression than single people. read more »

2263282437_a11d9bc668If for you, the upcoming “holiday” means flowers, candy and monogamous bliss, sorry, but we’re not sure we can be friends.

Aside from the general Hallmark ickiness, Valentine’s Day is getting in the way of a much more important celebration: that of the proverbial VAGINA!, in all its underrated glory.

This weekend marks the tenth anniversary of UC Berkeley’s “Vagina Monologues: Until the Violence Stops.” Last year pretty much rocked our world, so expect to find us front and center.

Performances are Feb. 10, 11 and 12 at 7 p.m. in the Pauley Ballroom in the MLK Jr. Student Union Building. Tickets are going fast at $10 for regular admission and $20 for VIP (Friday and Saturday VIPs are already sold out).

There will be moans.

Image Source: nickyfern under Creative Commons
Vagina Monologues: Until the Violence Stops [Public Service Events]

Looks like it’s not all Yoo-hunting and equivocating for our Boalt Hall brethren:

This is from a few days ago, but damn if it isn’t one of the most “aw”-inducing displays of communal affection to spring forth from this campus. And that’s including co-op parties and hippie orgies. Almost makes us want to go to law school … (Heh. Good one, Clog.)

CandyGrams for the hottest 1L at Boalt [YouTube]
Happy Valentine’s Day, Boalt [Nuts & Boalts], via Eye on Blogs

So. Valentine’s Day. The big V-dub. The day the world temporarily suspends itself in a state of Noah’s Ark coupledom. We’re hitting the two week countdown, and surprise, surprise … looks like The Clog is going stag this year. Psh. Whatever.

Rather than wallow in our PJ’s shoveling down crates of Oreos dipped in peanut butter and watching the John Cusack marathon, we figure we’d join the flash mob at the annual Great San Francisco Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight on the evening of Sunday, Feb. 14 in Justin Herman Plaza (at Market Street and Embarcadero).

If last year’s massacre is anything of a foreshadow, read more »

450px-chocoladefonteintopje.JPGAnyone who eats at Crossroads on any sort of regular basis knows that eating there requires incredible amounts of strategy. We could get into the minutiae of general Dining Commons analysis, but believe us–given the amount of conversation devoted to exactly how crappy the food is at Crossroads at any given time, it would require a different post altogether.

Regulars at the Dining Commons also know that every conceivable holiday is acknowledged in some way or another, lest something affiliated with our notoriously diversity-sensitive institution be considered even the teeniest bit intolerant. This acknowledgment usually takes the form of cheesy decorations and a vaguely themed menu. Last night, though–last night was different. Not only did Crossroads serve decent food, but it also bequeathed its Valentine extravaganza with a title that was, well, not exactly politically correct: Chocolate Fest.

There, we said it. May we remind you that it’s Black History Month? Yeah, we won’t even get into how that’s being celebrated in the DCs. Anyway, we digress. read more »