1122578410_17cf6a586cAttention musicophiles: A bunch of bands you knew about way before they became mainstream will be tearing it up right here at our very own Greek Theater in the coming weeks.

On the indie front, New-York-based favorite Vampire Weekend will be performing on Saturday, Sept. 25. (Yes, that is this weekend. No, we won’t make any blisteringly unfunny ‘Vampire Weekend this weekend’-type jokes.) They’ll be followed up on Oct. 2 and 3 by Arcade Fire, in the wake of their latest album “The Suburbs.”

Also on tap: Train (on Oct. 1) and Jack Johnson (on Oct. 5 and 6).

Ready your wallet, though, because tickets to the venue will almost certainly run you upwards of $40.00. A bit pricey for cheap students like us, perhaps — (that’s like, two million packages of Top Ramen, right?) but just think of all the super cool Facebook status updates you’d post!

Image Source: heartonastick under Creative Commons

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