It’s no secret that the vegan culture is thriving in Berkeley. There are countless vegan restaurants in the area, all of the dining halls have vegan options and there’s even a vegan cinnamon roll shop near campus (which is like, AMAZING). It’s even a pretty typical reaction from someone who hears that you’re a Berkeley student:

“You go to Berkeley? You must be like, really smart.”

“You go to Berkeley? Do you even go to class, or are you just protesting all the time?”

“You go to Berkeley? So, does that mean you’re like, a weird vegan hippie now?”

We’ve all heard it. It kind of goes without saying that the vegan food culture comes with a certain stigma. The food tastes bland, there are little to no options, vegans are trying to convert you to a lifestyle that’s much less fun … the list goes on. Well, listen up everyone because there’s a new (and young) vegan chef who’s changing minds left and right about the vegan world! She’s been taking the food industry by storm and making the vegan lifestyle look chicer than ever. She’s gorgeous, she’s sweet and best of all, she’s a recent Berkeley alum. Meet Chloe Coscarelli. read more »

487491356_1c0a5fe0feIn a conflict so cutthroat, a facedown so fiery, it makes March Madness look like a BOCA burger (psh, that’s for amateurs), Berkeley faces competitors as veteran as our southern neighbors UCLA and as new and unexpected as University of North Texas. This contest goes beyond basketball and deeper than any card game – even the Magic: The Gathering World Championship. This is: A VEGAN-OFF.

Peta2, PETA’s youth division (that’s right, PETA has a youth division), is hosting its annual “Most Vegan-Friendly College Contest” and Berkeley has made the cut. Now read more »