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Already missing your “American Idol” fix? Well, our campus is hosting its own competition: UC Berkeley’s Next Top Cop*! Starring UCPD Assistant Chief Mitch Celaya and Oakland PD’s Deputy Chief David Kozicki. Hosted by Berkeley’s lovable Vice Chancellor of Administration Nathan Brostrom. Special Guest appearance by the soon-to-be-former Chief herself, Victoria Harrison!

Watch them dodge buckets of excrement! See how they orchestrate tactical maneuvers! Amaze at their handling of protest on ground, in air and in trees! Plus, whose line of new designer uniforms

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will parade down the runway at Bryant Park? And don’t forget all the singing and dancing!

Tune in, and by July 27, a winner will be announced. Who will be Berkeley’s Next Top Cop?

* Not a real TV show. Duh.

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Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol release Campus Names Two Candidates To Fill UCPD Police Chief Post [Daily Cal]

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Apparently, the east coast really is that far away. This week The New Yorker reported on the Fresh-Wheeler tree situation from a more…err…grounded perspective. Focusing on the group of students against Fresh’s tree-sit, the article spanned reactions to the event, including university police chief Victoria Harrison’s e-mail. And then there were some reactions to that.

OK, so let us clarify: Fresh > Students Against Hippies in Trees (which we thought was Students against Hippies in Trees, i.e. “SHIT”) > Harrison’s e-mail > student replies. All artfully done, mind you. This is the New Yorker, a class of writing that will make your bougie panties weep.

We wish we could have seen more replies–after all, Harrison did receive hundreds, according to the article. The New Yorker mentioned a mere pinch: read more »