Women would never think of becoming scientists to seek knowledge or solve world problems; they would choose science as a career field because they can wear stilettos  in the lab — at least that is what the European Commission video aiming to bridge the gap between female and male scientists thinks.

The above screen shot is just a taste of the whole video. read more »

It’s official, the San Francisco Giants are going to the World Series. Judging by our facebook newsfeeds, there are those who might be described as excited about this news. On that list would be Nate Houghteling and Kai Hasson, who saw fit to cover “Don’t Stop Believing” in their video anthem to the Giants’ season.

Berkeleyside describes the two producers as “Berkeley boys” although their website lists Nate’s hometown as Oakland. Close enough?

The video is good fun, but we’re a bit disappointed to learn that it was only made after the producers were “approached” by Giants officials. We were hoping it sprang from pure fanatical enthusiasm.

ASHKON: DON’T STOP BELIEVING – GIANTS 2010 ANTHEM [YouTube via Berkeleyside]

Well, this video that the men’s soccer team made during a bus ride from Oregon State to the University of Washington is pretty effin’ adorable:

But it does leave us with a few questions, including, but not limited to: read more »

No Dissertation from ticoneva on Vimeo.

In what is just the latest in a series of unconventional educational videos, it seems some graduate students have created several economics videos, which include singing, Berkeley landmarks and statistical analysis.

What could possibly go wrong?
Apparently the videos have been used in some actual classes, and are a “a much-anticipated staple of the department’s annual spring skit.”

Who knows, maybe they’ll even help you through your econ homework.

Metrics Videos [Vimeo]
Money rocks (and raps) in economics’ grad students videos [Newscenter]

WTF is an accumulation of all the weird things going on … outside of Berkeley. You see, we’re not so weird after all.

OK, so the Daily Cal’s a little rusty with United States geography, but at least the Clog knows that France is indeed a country and that Europe, surprisingly, is not.

Too bad we can’t say the same for the other crazies and dunces. We may have exactly that (crazies and dunces) at our protests, but we sincerely hope we can avoid the hot mess in our classes at least.

Oh God. Heidi Klum manages to make us embarrassed for her. We all saw Tyra and the Vaseline. We think our point goes without saying.

Then there’s this next picture:

Blogger NancyKay Shapiro snapped this beauty in a local grocery store in NYC. Unfortunately, she was the only smart one around (or at least the only one with somewhat functioning mental capabilities). We’re surprised it’s not wrapped with bacon and shoved into an oyster shell.

But surely the Hanukkah spirit hasn’t been ruined yet, Gentiles be damned! The Clog would like to extend a “happy Hanukkah!” to you all. May your menorah stay bright … and your heads brighter.

Europe is a country and everyone speaks french here [YouTube]
Heidi Klum plays with her boobs [YouTube]
Let’s all eat trafe for Chanukah! [NancyKay Shapiro]
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Devo – Whip It Live in UC Berkley, Sproul Plaza 1988

Complete with props, the Clog’s favorite kitsch/kink New Wave band performs its biggest hit. On Lower Sproul Plaza? What? This makes no sense, until you realize that “Whip It” came out eight years before this clip. But still, crazy man, crazy.

The Grateful Dead- Scarlet Begonias 1988

The Dead? In Berkeley? Well, we don’t see the connection, but maybe you do. From the Greek Theatre.

Corinne Bailey Rae- Breathless

Also at the Greek. From a recent show. Turn down the lights, babe, the Clog is gettin’ its grove on.

Talking Heads- Warning Signs 1978

It takes about 30 seconds for the video to start, but stick with it. Devo … Talking Heads … it’s almost like we have a theme going here.


Devo- Whip It [YouTube]

Grateful Dead-Scarlet Begonias [YouTube]

Corinne Bailey Rae- Breathless [YouTube]

Talking Heads- Warning Signs [YouTube]