We promise this is the last post about last week’s strike, but it’s official: the strike has struck. Though not everyone just put down their picket sign and updated their Twitter after Friday’s events:

*Forty-one students were arrested for trespassing. [LA Times]
*Two students had a few fingers broken by a few baton-happy riot guards, although no formal complaints have been filed. [SF Gate] read more »

We kind of wanted to stay away from this one, since we don’t have all the details yet and we definitely don’t want to take sides. That being said, we just have to ask, “Why?” How can we expect anything to get solved in the “real world” if we, as college students, can’t even function civilly in a place where open discussion and non-violent interaction are supposed to be priorities? Aren’t we, like, hypothetical grown-ups? What is so funny about peace, love and understanding? Argh. So many questions …

The internet, naturally, is abuzz with speculation and finger-pointing on the matter. It’s a good thing you can’t get punched online. (And Superpoke doesn’t count.)

Image Source: crimfants under Creative Commons
Fight Erupts at Israel Liberation Week Concert [Daily Cal]
Racial/Political Violence [UC Berkeley Livejournal]
On Israel and Brawls [California Patriot]


 There were many “rumors flying around the air tonight” (regarding violence on or near campus). Thankfully, “no one seems to be seriously hurt”. We heard some hairy stuff from friends, things that didn’t jive with the actual story. Looks like the rumor mongering might have been a game of telephone gone bad …

EDIT: While we didn’t mention race in our piece, the loquacious Avinash felt the need to make ethnic cracks regarding the robbery suspects. In his Bears Necessity post, he wrote: bq. Man, black people sure haven’t forgotten how to run. Not sure why they went UPHILL though…Um, wow. So one petty crime gets racialized? Usually we’d just ignore that, like so many other crazy/racist/sexist comments one can find on the net. But when a blogger is attempting to reflect the student life of our school, it’s important not to promote that kind of image, and send those kinds of messages. Just an opinion.