… but now there are numbers to back that claim up!

In our previous episodes, we left  off eagerly awaiting the results of a union-sponsored, multiple-day-long, unofficial “vote of no confidence” in UC head honcho Mark Yudof. How could the vote possibly turn out?

Can union members turn around and surprise everyone with a big cheer for the greatest (or worst, if you’re of the glass-is-a-quarter-empty school of thought) UC President since Robert Dynes?

Will a resounding 110 percent of ballots be against the man? Or maybe it was Yudof’s plan all along, a la an M. Night Shyamalan twist! Poll results after the jump. read more »

Seen those polling stations around campus? If it isn’t blindingly obvious by the signs, they’re set up by some dissatisfied unions who apparently don’t have a whole lot of confidence in UC prez Mark Yudof—or at least want to know how many voters … well, ballot droppers? … will write it down on a slip of paper.

Of course, the physical voting at these stations isn’t as limited by time as, say, other events that call for voting. That way they’re sure to get all those papers in and not at all multiple votes from the same person coming in with a fake glasses/nose/moustache getup.

Naturally, we were curious as to what Yudof Tweeted—if anything—about this whole confidence dealie. His latest five Tweets as of this posting: read more »