As with last week’s protest signs, the Clog was equally impressed with the artwork dispersed around Sproul today. Vote for your favorites below by leaving a comment in the comments section at the bottom of the page! (Disclaimer: Not all artists were available for interview)

1. Regentasaurus

We are the 99%, hear us roar!

We are the 99 percent, hear us roar!

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The Clog was extremely impressed with some of the creative signs that were out on Sproul today. Below are some of our personal favorites. Who did you like best? Vote by leaving a comment in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

1. We’ll never let go …

Channeling Rihanna

Channeling Rihanna...

...and James Cameron

...and James Cameron

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Today we ran across this well-intentioned but generally difficult to watch parody of a parody encouraging you all to vote. Judging by the tags on YouTube, CALPIRG and the Cal Vote Coalition are both involved, among others.

Seriously though, the deadline to register to vote is Monday (that’s tomorrow) so if you haven’t tracked down one of those people with clipboards milling around Sproul yet, now is the time.


An initiative to legalize marijuana sounds like a dream come true for pro-pot protesters, an ilk quite common in Berkeley and its environs, so why is the bill not receiving the support to match?

We’d like to start off with the facts. Proposition 19, “The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act” treats cannabis much like the law currently treats alcohol. Adults 21 and older are free to grow pot on 25 square feet of private property and possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis, which may be shared but not sold. Persons 21 and over can only smoke on licensed zones and may only buy from licensed commercial employers. And, of course, no driving is permitted while under the influence, so lock up those car, boat and airplane keys. State law regarding medical marijuana, however, is not affected by Prop. 19. Read up more on the facts here.

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This just in: as of 4 a.m. this morning, the veto of the divestment bill was upheld.

The votes were tallied and even though 13 people were in favor of overriding the veto, they fell one vote short of the 14 needed to override. Five senators voted to keep the veto, one abstained, and one wasn’t there.

The topic is of course a very controversial one, and it’s gained Berkeley international attention from Desmond Tutu to Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and nominee for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. So there are going to be some opinions about this. Many opinions, in fact. You might even say a plethora. Stay tuned.

Image source: Dawn Endico under Creative Commons
UC Berkeley senate upholds veto of divest-from-Israel measure, San Diego debates similar bill  [J Weekly]

No matter what happens on Nov. 4, at least you can drown your sorrow or celebrate your victory with free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Sweet.

Starting lining up early in front of the student store. The B&J’s crew will serve one scoop per customer from 2-5 p.m. Oh, there is still beauty in the world!

Image Source: Amy the Nurse under Creative Commons
FREE Ben & Jerry’s on Election Day at UC Berkeley! [Facebook]

Get it? Running? As in, for office? OK, sorry. Moving on. We, the people of the Daily Clog of America, have a very important announcement to make. Ahem. (Cue “Hail to the Chief.“)

For the sake of what we like to call “nagging repetitiveness,” we’d like to remind you that in a couple of weeks you will (hopefully) make some of the more important decisions you, as a citizen can make, when you vote. Now, we understand that by this point your ears might spontaneously start bleeding at the very sound of the “v” word, but fortunately for you, the Clog is mostly text-based. So read on, faithful reader, and do your civic duty. read more »

So you’ve registered to vote. But do you know where your polling place is? Do you even know what’s on the ballot … besides Obama?

The Cal Patriot Blog already mentioned a bit about the Berkeley ballot, but for the complete she-bang check out Smart Voter will tell you where your polling place is (ours is Westminster House, for example) and show you the complete ballot for the city you’ve registered in.

Take a good look at your ballot. You’ve got less than three weeks until the big day arrives. You can start your research now.

Image Source: Larsz under Creative Commons
Smart Voter [Web site]
The Berkeley Ballot [Cal Patriot]

Earlier: Study for the General GRE

Well, Ricardo Gomez from the ASUC seems to think the Clog is one of them:

He was kind enough to send us the ASUC’s joint project with CalTV, which is supposedly the Berkeley equivalent of the self-proclaimingly viral “5 Friends” video, except the Berkeley one is rendered significantly more boring by the fact that it does not include Jonah Hill, Dustin Hoffman or Sarah Silverman’s bra.

Gomez instructed us to “make a blog post about this” and “Include all the cliche snarkiness you would want.” So, uh, here you go! For your viewing pleasure, we bring you one video version of the Campaign for Berkeley mural, generic political activism style. (Cliche snarkiness included at no extra charge.) Incidentally, you probably should register to vote if you haven’t already. We’re just saying …

Voices for the Vote – UC Berkeley [YouTube]
5 Friends Uncensored [YouTube]

The San Francisco Bay Guardian released its endorsements earlier this week, and there are no surprises for the biggie propositions or for the presidential candidate. Peruse the arguments on the SFBG site if you need some fodder for your absentee vote or just need something to tide you over until the Daily Cal tells you how to vote. Keep in mind that we are no way endorsing these endorsements … but you can use them as a springboard.

* Barack Obama (duh)

California Ballot Measures
* Proposition 1A (high speed rail bond): an exuberant Yes
* Proposition 2 (farm animal protection): Yes
* Proposition 3 (children’s hospital bonds): No
* Proposition 4 (parental notification and wait period for abortion): a resounding No
* Proposition 5 (treatment instead of jail): Yes
* Proposition 6 (prison spending): a loud No
* Proposition 7 (renewable-energy generation): No
* Proposition 8 (ban on same-sex marriage): an absolute No
* Proposition 9 (restrictions on parole): another strong No
* Proposition 10 (alternative-fuel vehicles bond): No
* Proposition 11 (redistricting commission): No
* Proposition 12 (veterans bond act): Yes

The SFBG folks also weighed in on East Bay goings-on and congressional races. Don’t forget that Oct. 20 is the last day to register to vote in the state of California, and you know, it might behoove you to register with your Berkeley address.

Image Source: Poppyseed Bandits under Creative Commons
Endorsements 2008 [SFBG]

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