We’re hoping the above title does marginal justice to our wide array of emotions upon discovering this: Berkeley Opera‘s ambitious rendition of Richard Wagner’s “Ring of Nibelung,” currently presenting at a theatre near you (if you’re near El Cerrito).

We love Wagner as much as the next guy–or maybe a little more so, considering the squealing jig that ensued when we came across the review.

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Prokofiev! Like music? Enjoy darkness and anguish? How about celestas? If you answered, “Hells yes!” to any of the above (and even if you didn’t) you should support Berkeley’s music department by getting your depressed pre-Valentine’s Day hind parts to Hertz Hall this Friday or Saturday night at 8 to hear the University Symphony Orchestra pick some tunes that’ll be right up your alley.

According to Department of Music calendar, the Maestro David Milnes-helmed symphony will “kick off the Spring 2010 season with a collection of powerful, dark works.” As if the program–which includes Brahms’ “Tragic Overture” and something from Wagner’s “Tristan and Isolde” (the happiest opera of all time)–weren’t a dead giveaway.

And if you still need more convincing, just remember that as a student, your $5 tickets are literally one-third the price of general admission. Can you say, “MERE PITTANCE?!” Of course you can.

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