Random appointment times are now so passe as students got a taste of a nastier problem: waitlist deletions. In an e-mail to students, the university wrote:

bq. We’re writing to alert you of a problem that occurred with waiting lists for Fall 2007: all waiting list enrollments were inadvertently deleted from students’ records over this past weekend. IST programmers are in the process of restoring all waiting list enrollments to the database, which will take up the remainder of the day today.

To keep it short, this has incited much debate and whining, probably justified, on the Livejournal community.

One commenter writes:

bq. I called the Registrar’s Office – All they said was go on and re-sign up during open hours.

bq. LAME. I was #1. Those bitches.

Bitches, indeed. But they’re apparently working on it as the e-mail also said waitlists have been shut down today so that they can attempt to restore them. Result: hard to say.

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