20120315_192608Emmanuel Witzthum, a Jewish artist, went from embassy to embassy trying to get in touch with different artists from different cultural backgrounds. When he reached the American embassy he was told “Sorry, we don’t support culture.” Oh god, our cowboy hats and spurs are showing as some old kranky guy yells from a bar, “We don’t take too kindly to your type…” Luckily, this image faded, or dissolved really, through Witzthum’s artistry.

On a Thursday night at the Magnes museum, another barrier was broken: the barrier between young students and old Jewish art enthusiasts. Everyone turned out for a chance to hear from the great Emmanuel Witzthum. He is a famous composer, violist, curator and lecturer, who is the artist behind the piece Dissolving Localities (details here). It is a mix of sounds, and sites from Berkeley and Jerusalem that is a pleasure for the senses. This night was particuarly special because we got to see how this masterpiece was created. read more »

Take a walkWalking in Berkeley is not only a pleasurable experience (the trees are pretty nice to look at), but also an extraordinarily convenient one. On a standard day, you can walk from home to class, to get groceries, to home (again), back to class, to BART, to just about anywhere.

The point is, Berkeley is a walking city. Leave driving to foolish visitors and people willing to shell out the time and expenses that having a car here necessitates, because your own two feet are the best transportation you’ll find. In fact, Berkeley is so foot-friendly, Walkscore.com ranked it as California’s fifth most walkable city. West Hollywood, Albany, San Francisco and Santa Monica took the top four positions, respectively, which puts Berkeley in some pretty legit company.

Scoring 82 points out of 100 put us in the “very walkable” category, which makes sense, considering that just about anything you need to do in Berkeley can be accomplished with a good pair of sneakers and a willingness to be accosted by people on the sidewalks asking you to sign petitions or give them money for one thing or the other.

Image Source: andygeek under Creative Commons
Berkeley Strolls into the Top Ranks for Walkability [Berkeley Patch]