So here we are, beloved Cloggers. Tomorrow is the Oct. 7 protest of cuts to public education funding (complete with possible walkout). Today there is a sort of kickoff to tomorrow’s events: the teach-in. We will be hearing from many speakers, both students and professors(?) alike. So sit back, relax, and hit refresh repeatedly as we delve into this evening’s teach-in. read more »

You want to know what’s cool? Guerilla activism. You, like, go around hanging up fliers over High School Musical posters (hruh?), and you, like, climb on door frames and spray paint things onto the sidewalks. You raise your hand in a group discussion setting of some sort …

Because you’re just that cool. All of this must be done in the dead of night, obviously. Did we mention that? No? Good, because if you’re really cool, it shouldn’t need to be said.

And if you really want to take your hipness to the next level, read more »


Happy belated President’s Day, everyone! We didn’t manage to get your faces carved onto Mount Rushmore, so you’ll have to settle for the next best thing: a video message from UC president Mark Yudof.

As far as YouTube videos go, it’s pretty generic. It’s disappointingly SFW, with no fly-killing, swearing, or finger-biting (here’s looking at you, Charlie).

In the video, Yudof talks about the UC for CA “grassroots movement” which since November has added 130,000 members to its advocacy group. More information can be found at www.ucforca.org (not to be confused with ucca.org, which is the read more »

bearcardoRicardo Gomez (a.k.a Bearcardo) has been something of ubiquitous presence in our lives during this past semester, what with his involvement in the walkout and compulsive commenting on the Daily Cal website and the Clog. So much so that he is a known personality even among the other commenters.
As one guest put it:


So who is this mysterious character? The Clog sat down with him a few weeks ago to find out.

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cute hipster

In a Robin Hood-esque move, University of California officials created a new plan to charge undergraduate
engineering and business students $900 more a year than those in other majors. And as humanities majors (otherwise known as the bastard children of academia) we respond with a resounding “sounds good to us!” Except for a slight hitch—the plan has been delayed pending further study.

The plan would basically be an extension of the current system: those who can afford to pay more tuition should pay more. Only now it’s been modified to: those who are majoring in something that will potentially read more »


Protests on campus are far from over.

This time it’s Compass, the Committee for Philippine Studies. The group believes that it’s time for UC Berkeley to establish Philippine Studies classes in addition to securing their Tagalog classes in the mind-bending chaos that is rearranging the curriculum to fit around budget deficits. read more »

Now that it’s midterm season, you may be just discovering that the campus libraries have made a few changes. Moffitt and the Main Stacks are now the only libraries open on Saturday (but at least they open at 9 a.m. instead of 2 p.m.) and finals 24-hour study hall is now a thing of the past. That’s right, no more Anoncon marathons or Main Stacks hookup fantasies.

Maybe students are still caught up in the spirit of protest due to the recent walkout or just really downright incensed that they can’t go to the Anthropology Library on Saturdays anymore (it is our favorite library on campus), but for whatever reason, the Anthropology Library has become the location for a 24-hour “study in.”

The tagline for the event is “last time we walked out … this time we’ll study in.” read more »


Hey guys, just in case you didn’t get enough, what with our two liveblogs of the teach-in, and obsessive coverage of the walkout, we have more!

If you weren’t ready to take our word for it, video of the entire teach-in is now available on YouTube.

We also learned that we’re not the only ones writing about the walkout. The United Kingdom-based Guardian even sent a reporter into the “sweltering California heat.” The Associated Press was also on site, apparently.

Image Source: anselm23 under Creative Commons
Save the University: A teach-in on the crisis [YouTube]
University of California campuses erupt into protest [Guardian]
U. of California Cuts Protested at Campus Rallies [NY Times]

Image Source: Valerie Woolard

Signs from the rally on Sproul Plaza.

So between the Daily Cal’s liveblog and our tweets, we figure you’ve got your walkout news pretty well covered. This post is devoted to pictures that we’ll be taking throughout the day.

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As the Clog’s (desperately trying) to follow everything related to the walkout and its involvement in the Twittersphere, we present to you guys some of the most interesting (at least to us) Tweets we’re finding.

Note: Text in [[double brackets]] is our own.

mark_yudof Enjoying astute op-ed by UC Davis Professors Joanthan Eisen and Winder McConnell re walkout: http://www.sacbee.com/1190/story/2201839.html

GavinNewsom Posted blog on UC walkout today – http://bit.ly/2BO55d – thoughts? #FixCA #UCwalkout read more »

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