Several chill groups of hacky sackers and Frisbee throwers were harmed in the making of this CalSO luncheon.

Several chill groups of hacky sackers and Frisbee throwers were harmed in the making of this CalSO luncheon.

If you’ve ever stayed in Berkeley over the summer, you already know that these are the quiet months around campus that offer several distinct advantages. Sproul Plaza is not a total circus of bop-shoo-wop singers, well-dressed business students, religious group kumbayas and this guy. And not only are the lines much shorter at popular spots like Cafe Intermezzo and Thai Basil, but you also might even find an open table and dine in.

Unfortunately, if you’re the type of person who would rather spend some of these lovely quiet months outdoors and on campus, we cannot help but think that sudden shouts of “Go Bears!” from a CalSO group are a bit annoying.

Yup, it’s CalSO time. For most of us Berkeley veterans read more »


We found this sign on the door of the stairs to basement in Eshleman Hall. It seems that someone saw it fit to change this sternly-worded reminder that the door is well positioned to smack anyone milling around the lobby into a bit of found poetry.

That’s what happens when you put all the literary types in the basement.

Image Source: Valerie Woolard

We found this flyer on a bike rack near Moffitt Library.

“Fight back against the recent upsurge of ridiculous bike citations by UCPD on campus! This is an act of civil disobedience.”


Apparently all bicyclists are supposed to meet at noon on Tuesday at Bancroft and Telegraph. Prepare to be sideswiped.

Image Source: Jae Park
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car covers

shoe cover

This was priceless. Also kind of pointless (not the car covers, this post). There’s been construction going on at Giannini Hall in the northwest corner of campus — exterior work to repair the concrete finish, and to protect the precious cars in the general vicinity of the scaffolding, the construction crew covered half a lot full of them with giant shoe covers.

Image source: shoe cover via Disposable Plastic Wear

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This was on that new free-use white board thing on the ground floor of Dwinelle Hall yesterday morning. Google Translate says that “un topo carina!” means “a cute mouse!” in Italian.

Well, we’re sorry to inform you, anonymous — though kind-hearted — 8 a.m. Italian 1 student (Godspeed, by the way), that assessment is incorrect. This is most definitely a totoro. Which is like a billion times more awesome than even the cutest mouse. Respect!

Image Source: Jill Cowan

The new—or, perhaps more accurately—relocated Ben & Jerry’s has opened its doors on Center Street, between Oxford Street and Shattuck Avenue, a stone’s throw from its old location on Oxford Street across the street from campus.

We have yet to patronize the new location, but it is now serving all the delicious ice cream you could possibly want in this hot summer weather, and we hear tell that its grand opening will be taking place next month, when more students will be around, we imagine. In the mean time, we will no longer be deprived of a place to buy frozen bananas.

Perhaps a source of more intrigue are the storefronts at and next to Ben & Jerry’s old location. Both are still closed, but signs in the window advertise a restaurant that has something to do with barbecueing and what looks to be a cinnamon bun shop, but we’ll keep you posted.

Image Source: sachman75 under Creative Commons
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Can this new eatery — which just opened at the bizarro Telegraph Avenue and Bancroft Way that is the intersection of Euclid and Hearst Avenues — hold its own against Subway and American Apparel? Stay tuned to find out!

Thar she blows!

Well, they look like they’re closed in this picture. So maybe we won’t find out. Oh, hold on! Here we go: read more »

North crosswalk of Shattuck Avenue and Oregon Street.

Fend for yourselves, pedestrians.

Image Source: Rajesh Srinivasan
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So we were on our way to Yoga to the People the other night, and … what? Yeah we do yoga. The Clog’s gotta stay limber, yo. Anyway, we were on our way to breathe our troubles away in Warrior III, when we stumbled upon this troubling sign. “Free. Free Personality Analysis.” With an arrow pointing straight into the “Church of Scientology Berkeley Mission.”

Any L. Ron Hubbard fanboys out there care to enlighten us? If not, we’ll be forced to attend a “Hubbard Dianetics Seminar” out of sheer, unabashed curiosity. That’s a threat.

Image Source: Kate Mitchell
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Spotted on the ground floor of Eshleman Hall, posted on the door leading to the garage/basement.

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