Winter jackets

Peacoats and knee-high boots are being dusted off and pulled from the closet and your umbrella begins to live in your backpack. That’s right, folks. Berkeley’s bipolar weather is turning the thermostat down, whether we like it or not (excuse the pun).

There seem to be two main reactions to the shift. NorCal people may be rejoicing, smiling and exclaiming “I love Berkeley weather!” SoCal out-of-towners are probably stifling their teas and yelling “I MISS THE SUN!” Sun dresses must hang lonely on their hangers, and shorts stow away in their drawers. For people who like fall fashion this isn’t a problem. But if you live by the beach it’s a real heartache to say goodbye to your lovely, airy summer wardrobe.

For the past few days the city’s been kind enough to share some sunlight, but it’s still deceptive as ever. You look out the window at that yellow glow and think, “Great! It must be warm!” Then you step outside and feel like stealing someone’s scarf to survive the wind. Maybe there should be a WarnMe system for sudden bursts of cold and rain. And heat too, for that matter. You can never count anything out here.

bipolar weather dog

He's ready for winter, are you?

If you’re especially prone to ‘extreme’ temperatures (it’s not Alaska, after all), then you’re probably one of the many checking their weekly weather forecasts constantly. You may even be checking the hourly forecast, which may prove more useful in your day-to-day dressing.

Apparently layering is the only way to do things in this bizarre setting. Tricky place you are, Berkeley.  Always keeping us poor students on our toes, as if we didn’t have enough to think about.

Image sources: (1) Andypiper and (2) Emily Penguin under Creative Commons

Puddle jumpingIf you’ve been thinking that the weather as of late has been somewhat abysmal and phenomenally unseasonable, you’d be absolutely right!

Bust out those Wellies and dig an umbrella out from under the bed, because this month’s rain is breaking all kinds of records in the Bay Area. And if your summer festivities have been delayed due to this rather wintery weather, know that you’re not alone. The streets of Berkeley are looking pretty empty, and we think it’s safe to say that just about everyone is staying inside with a cup of cocoa and a few good movies until things start drying out.

Even the experts seem perplexed as to the more-than-gloomy June. Says NASA climatologist Bill Patzert, “It’s what I call global weirding.” We couldn’t have said it better, ourselves.

Image Source: CWP2005 under Creative Commons
June rain breaks records and plans across the Bay Area [Mercury News]

chicago snowstorm

In case the swaying summer dresses and frisbees narrowly missing your head on the Glade or the sudden multiplication of frozen yogurt cups like bunnies in springtime didn’t make you suspect a thing: Temperatures hit record highs for February all across the Bay Area this past weekend.

(Cue flying lines, moving maps and a weatherman’s smile.) We have another week of comfortable, if cooler, weather ahead, with temperatures climbing up through the mid-sixties through Friday then sinking back into cooler, sub-60 raininess next week, which will likely make these past few days seem like a cruel, cruel dream. Even then, it shouldn’t be hard to be thankful for life in the Bay because, hey, at least it’s nothing like Chicago.

Image source: E. Jason Wambsgans via The Chicago Tribune

More like 'Apocalypse Snow'...After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

We guess it doesn’t get much more straightforward than that. The massive Mid-Atlantic blizzard that has forced the capital and surrounding areas to a grinding halt has been compound-worded with the end of days–and  if the president says it, then you know it’s got to be true.

You thought the weather in Berkeley has been crappy. What with that dirty tease of a sun and all that awful sprinkling? Try trudging through two feet of snow to Crossroads, which might be closed anyway because workers can’t get there, leaving you stranded food-less in your frozen jammies. Ugh. Well, at least all those East Coast schools don’t have to worry that their entire campus will collapse at any moment in an earthquake. There’s always that for us, right?

Image Source: paul+photos=moody under Creative Commons
How Are Colleges Faring in Mid-Atlantic Blizzard of 2010? [The Ticker]
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This cat doesn't know that the power is out. Cat's have no concept of electricity.
OK, so we don’t really know how to restore power, but we were struggling for a better post title. Sue us. Anyway, this post is, indeed, about the power that’s been goin’ down all over the place, due to the ca-raazy weather we’ve been having.

The power’s been out around Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue since about 3:30 this afternoon, and from what we’ve heard, it’s also out in various other patches of Southside. PG&E has a fairly handy interactive map showing which spots are experiencing power outages, but it’s not very specific. Did your power go out today? Is it still out? Let us know in the comments before your laptop dies.

Image Source: vintagecat under Creative Commons
Power Outage Affects Southside [Daily Cal]
Outage Map [PG&E]

So it occurred to us while we were out frolicking in the California sunshine, bare-legged and generally without cold-weather garb, that today is, in fact, Groundhog Day. And unfortunately, folks, Punxsutawney Phil–that rodent wonder, that ever-accurate “prognosticator of all prognosticators” –has predicted six more weeks of harsh, grueling, stormy, wintery winter ahead.

Well, that’s it. We’re going home right this second to board up our windows and get the fire going.  Maybe–just maybe–with the right preparation and mental fortitude, we’ll be able to endure the seasonal struggles to come.  Now that whole “economic winter” thing, on the other hand …

Groundhog Predicts Six More Weeks of Winter [YouTube]