The Clog brings you our weekend assortment of the free, the delightful and the delightfully free.

grilled cheese

Wasabi grilled cheese sandwiches will (sadly) not be present at the Techshop's grand opening but, not to fear, those of the non-green and non-spicy variety will.


Sifting through the many layers of awesome that is the name, “Super-Gigantic Halflifers DVD Mega-Release Party,” tonight’s edition of [email protected]: Friday Nights at the Berkeley Art Museum, couldn’t possibly compare with actually sitting through the waves of awesome that is an “omnidirectional, construction-colored exploration vehicle” followed by an “anthro-engineered dough object—by which we mean a sugar-frosted biomemory conduit activated by physical ingestion,” by which we hope they mean food.

Or lindybomb the Engineers and Scientists Spring Social! To “lindybomb” someplace is to unleash a maelstorm of social dance upon unsuspecting bystanders in what appears to be a spontaneous gathering of dancers. There’ll be a free lesson, too, at some point. read more »

A weekly series on how to have an amazing weekend when you have no money (we’re telling you, it is possible, especially if you check out this Sunday’s events).



ASUC Superb is screening the romantic-action-comedy/ actors-past-their-prime-in-action-roles “Red (Retired and Extremely Dangerous, ha) in Wheeler Auditorium tonight for only $3. Also, world-class 14-year-old violin prodigy Stephen Waarts is performing a Beethoven concerto with the Oakland-based Prometheus Symphony Orchestra at the First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley.

For a healthy overdose of high culture, catch modern opera performances from Phillip Glass’s Orphée at the De Young Museum or some jazz pieces by the Berkeley Jazzschool’s Advanced High School Ensemble at the Museum of African Diaspora, right by the Powell BART station.

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The San Francisco skyline has been glowing a lurid orange of late, and we thought, “Wow! The whole city is prepping for Halloween!” But no, Coit Tower and City Hall and random insignificant condominium buildings were not orange for Halloween. Fail.

critical mass

Cyclists dress up for the the Halloween Critical Mass.


Learn how to swing dance and watch/ join in when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” comes on at Lindy at Fright on Upper Sproul tonight, attend a Dia de los Muertos ceremony in the Student Union’s Multicultural Center or experience the audio-visual feast that is BAM’s [email protected] series at their All Hallow’s Eve PartyHauntology. There’s also the usual assortment of frat parties all weekend, Halloween-themed for the occasion, such as Sigma Phi’s Dawn of the Drunk.

In case you missed the Zombie walk earlier in the week but still want to get your gore on and walk stiff-legged with the deadest of them, you’ve got your chance tonight! A zombie walk will wind its brief way through the Mission to end at a “Zom Prom.” Also, cyclists always dress up for the Critical Mass right before Halloween, rain or shine, which means attendees not only enjoy seeing a lovely display of creativity but also impressive balance and physical prowess (it can’t possibly be easy to cycle when you’re a banana or a lobster or a flower or naked).  You can also learn about the haunted history of the SF City Hall at a Ghost Walk brought to you by the folks at City Guides.

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The Clog brings you our weekly assortment of the free, the delightful, and the delightfully free. No one shall rain on our parades this weekend. Because there are no parades! Ha! The joke’s on … um … us?


The Come Out and Play Festival has organized huge games of Zombie Tag in the past. Yes, Zombie Tag. Awesome.


Firstly, Cinnaholic cinnamon rolls will be present … but also, Carol J. Adams, author of “The Sexual Politics of Meat” and “The Pornography of Meat,” will be there to relate patriarchy and meat consumption in what is sure to be a compelling Friday afternoon talk.

Superb is showing “Inception” tonight in Wheeler for only a few bucks (w/ student ID), while 111 Minna, near the Metreon, is presenting Post:Ballet, a free contemporary ballet performance, in its spacious galleries — a 21+ show (we’re not sure why). For everyone else, read more »

spice of life

The Spice of Life Festival in the Gourmet Ghetto

In bold defiance of our academic calendar, the world continues to bring you interesting events, and the Clog, much like Argos or Old Yeller or Lassie, will continue faithfully to report them until we go the way of  said loyal companions (that is, we die or are kidnapped or get lost or are abandoned or … you get the idea … please don’t leave us.)


Head to Lower Sproul at noon today to catch two concerts — at the same time: One of the UC Jazz Ensembles, Ted Moore’s Advanced Combo, will be performing in the Bear’s Lair, while Superb and KALX bring you upbeat acoustic indie band Blind Pilot in front of Eshleman, either an unfortunate scheduling or the promise of a cacophonous good time and certainly a livelier Lower Sproul than usual. Maybe there’ll be a showdown between the hipsters and the jazz enthusiasts! They’ll attack each other with painfully clever T-shirt slogans and suaveness! Maybe.

At night, the Berkeley Art Museum is presenting a feast for the eyes — light shows and looped film projections and such to celebrate the Pacific Film Archive’s first published book at Radical [email protected].

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NYMPH performs tonight in the Berkeley Art Museum.

We know it’s midterms season, but you’ve got to take a study break some time, and what better way than by taking a look at the Clog’s weekly guide on what to do over the weekend (and then,  you know, going out and doing it)?


It’s Homecoming weekend! We’re sure you’ve already heard about the many planned festivities, so shake off those anti-establishment post-protest blues and arm yourself with some school spirit for the legions of parents, siblings, and Bruin fans about to descend upon Berkeley. Or don’t, and go to Dog Night with NYMPH at the Berkeley Art Museum instead: A celebration of our furry friends (per Japanese Edo period edict) with NYMPH performing psychedelic, avant-garde music within the cavernous concrete museum as Daniel Jay projects accompanying visuals involving/related to/inspired by dogs. (Awesome? Possibly.)

If you just want to get away from it all, Two Blocks of Art will be taking over the Central Market area (and by two, they mean ten) and, unusually, black people will be dancing. No, really, we’re not being racist: read more »

hardly strictly

Hardly Strictly was crowded last year. It's going to be crowded again this year. Come on, it's free. Deal with it.

A weekly series on how to have an amazing weekend when you have no money (we’re telling you, it is possible).


The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival returns in its 10th glorious iteration to Golden Gate Park all weekend! Check out SFist’s guide on who to see. Tonight, the Del Sol String Quartet brings their contemporary arrangements to the Berkeley Art Museum as part of their [email protected] series (free w/ a Cal ID). Also, Train is going to be at the Greek (for tips on how to see the show for free – okay, fine, you don’t really see anything this way but you can hear everything – check out the last Weekend Free-view).

Also, believe it or not, a 24-hour Facebook hackathon is taking place in Soda Hall’s Wozniak Lounge, read more »


The annual Folsom Street Fair lures closeted leather fetishists out of hiding.

A (relatively) new weekly special on what to do (over the weekend! for free!) when you have no clue what to do.


Band of Horses is playing the Greek tonight! Not free, you say? That’s what friends in Stern or Foothill are for. Camp out in their rooms, or climb onto the roof. (Warning: the Clog will not be held liable for any injuries or deaths that may result, also a vigilant security/R.A. team does perform regular rooftop checks, so a better idea may be just to loiter in the general vicinity or wear all black and plaster yourself against the roof! Ha! That’ll show them!) Also, Superb is hosting Berkeley’s annual Campus Moviefest Finale in Wheeler: they supplied the equipment, students provided the creative genius, and the event will showcase the best of these homegrown short films (okay, so this one’s not free, but it slipped in anyway; it’s $3 with a Cal ID). read more »