No we don’t think anyone’s accusing us of arson, we just like making Billy Joel references.

Yet another fire broke out this morning at a west Berkeley art gallery, causes not yet known. A few people were dislodged, and a couple firemen were mildly injured – not by the fire but my a resident dog. Not only was it a dog, but it was a Chihuahua. Named Chuco. So the fire wasn’t exactly fatal, and pales in comparison to the Haste/Telegraph fire last fall. But after that fire, the one at Great China and now this one, we are starting to get frustrated. Why does Berkeley insist on being so flammable? read more »

The Trader Joe’s that’s been in development for quite some time finally opened its doors about a week ago in west Berkeley. We at the Clog are of course college students, meaning that we lived off of those Trader Joe’s noodle boxes for the better part of our freshman year.

We got the chance to visit the new location today. Located at University Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, it’s a bit of a walk from campus but not an unreasonable one.

In fact, it is probably closer for many students than Whole Foods, Andronico’s or Safeway, the city’s existing grocery mainstays.

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