Last week, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced a hefty bit of investment—specifically, $620 million worth—into the Smart Grid, something we can only assume won’t turn into a robopocalypse ala Arnold Schwarzenegger. But seriously, the former Lawrence Berkeley Lab director is doing pretty well for himself. Check out the video if you’re interested.

Faces of the Recovery Act: The Impact of Smart Grid [USdepartmentofenergy]
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As Secretary of Energy (and former head honcho of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) Steven Chu continues to find ways to save the world, we like to keep an eye on what the secretary is doing. And just today, the US Department of Energy announced the “first round of funding” that $1.4 billion will go to for the capture of carbon to be stored or used.

There’s only one California-based project that was selected for the initial round of funding. From the DoE release: read more »

If asked whether the Berkeley-Stanford rivalry reached to the highest levels of government, most people would probably answer “no.” And they’d probably be right. But it’s at least a little interesting to note that Steven Chu (secretary of energy and former big cheese of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) and current Stanford professor Mark Jacobson point in different directions for the future of biofuels.

Example: read more »