no wifiWe, the children of an era where technology has and continues to advance at an incredible pace, are blessed with the opportunity to accomplish a great deal of things through readily available resources. We are endowed with the valiant duty of engaging ourselves in using all the mighty assets around us. Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, texts, IMing, my God, the list can go on longer than most Americans’ pitiful attention spans. In short, we are made to multitask  – expect us to simultaneously write a Tumblr post every five minutes and watch a webcast while at it? Fine! – and by all means are magnificent at it.

Oh but wait, it seems that Yale University professor Alexander Nemerov sure as hell doesn’t agree. read more »

coffeeThe only thing that has a chance of rivaling the sky-high number of yogurt shops around here is the number of coffee shops. Nonetheless, Zanzibar Coffee House opened up in Sather Lane off Durant Avenue and is looking specifically to cater to students.

- The coffee shop is spacey and offers free wifi, as it aims to become a popular study spot for Cal students. If you need a break from the library, this may be your spot.

-In addition to the standard coffees, the coffee shop also provides a diverse array of snacks ranging from various cheesecakes to Indian samosas. Not to worry, they’ve got their healthy bases covered too, with an assortment of fresh fruit. read more »

DSCN5420We here at The Clog know all about wi-fi, that cool thing that lets you, like, go on the internet and stuff. And we’re assuming that since you’re reading this post online — and not on some wood-pulp-based anachronism — you too are overflowing with tech know-how. Which is why we think you should join us in being excited about the recently announced “Super Wi-Fi.” Sounds pretty sweet, no? But what exactly is it?

Essentially, super wi-fi is the same thing as regular old wi-fi. It still lets you procrastinate through Youtube and Facebook. It still lets you receive tons of junk email. However, this technology purports to greatly improve several aspects of your internet experience. First off, speed: with the F.C.C. predicting download speeds of 15-20mbps (about as fast as a standard cable modem) you’ll be able to waste time with even greater efficiency. Second, range: it’s supposed to be able to extend for several miles, as opposed to the meager yards of our current wi-fi. Cool, right? Super, even! read more »


The library, as a study space, sucks. That is, unless you’re one of the some who thrive off of a collective atmosphere of stress, anxiety and dread, enjoy being somewhere so quiet that you can perfectly hear the sh*tty house music emanating from your neighbor’s earbuds, and prefer the smuggling of energy drinks over the freedom to drink coffee while you work. For the rest of us, we go to cafés.

However, we’ve experienced over the years that the wifi situation varies notably from café to café. At best, you’ll experience free, fast wifi that doesn’t make you jump through hoops to access. At worst, you’ll find places where you must inquire for a wifi password, only to connect to a slow or flickering connection that makes you watch a 30-second ad every hour. Not to mention the audacious f*cks that charge a fee.

For your convenience, the Clog has compiled a list of 12 near-to-campus cafés and the wifi sitch for each: read more »

Think on it. Alright, alright. We know. Now that you’re all excited, you gots to know the deets. So in the grand(ish) tradition of the Clog “Free stuff, guys! ZOMG don’t miss it!!!1!1!” posts, we’ll be relatively brief:

What: Free Coffee Day at the BAMSCAPE!!! (BAM/PFA–Hooray! group‘s punctuation … not ours.) So, um. Free coffee? Also Wi-Fi, apparently. And a raffle for a pass that will get you unlimited access to PFA screenings for the rest of the semester.
When: This Thursday, Feb. 11 from 12-4 p.m.
Where: At ye olde Berkeley Art Museum … on and around this thing.

Get it! (But don’t forget to lose your shoes first.)

Event Page [Facebook]

Berkeley abounds with wireless networks–you just need to know where to go if you want to hog a little net time. Yeah, there’s always AirBears, but what if you don’t want your Internet history on the university’s watch? Not that we’re, uh, doing anything shady …

Wi-Fi FreeSpot has a whole list of wireless hotspots for the student on the go, and now finding your favorite local cafe became that much easier. Below, the full list:

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