5152431193_70363e4b30Last night the Clog got to see a super-secret sneak preview [i.e., full disclosure: this Cloggy writer is a non-BareStage member UC Choral Ensembles] of “Children of Eden,” a musical by Stephen Schwartz of “Wicked” and “Godspell” fame.

Seeing as it wasn’t even the real opening night — which, actually, starts in about an hour — we’ll resist the urge to divulge all the major plot points and spoil the ending for you … although if you have any familiarity whatsoever with the book of Genesis, then you already have a pretty good idea of more or less everything that goes down.

Yes, kiddlins, “Children of Eden” is a God play. But it’s not your average God play, or morality play, or really your average play in general. A handful of reasons why: read more »


Not a green bandwagon, mind you, but the “green” trend. Oh, never mind. Just know that the next time you use an RSF towel to wipe the sweat off your fevered brow during spin class, you are helping the green movement.

That’s right, folks–that day you were waiting for is finally here. No, we’re not talking about the release of the latest Twilight movie (which you were only going to see ironically) or that long-awaited coupon for a free bagel. We’re talking the RSF is now read more »