Do you love to troll? Are you one of those people who blog anonymously about things you hate? Well, watch your words because Berkeley and Stanford researchers suddenly made it a lot easier to find people like you (with some fine print as well).

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wikileaks Secret secrets are for everyone. If you’re of the opinion that there can never be enough destabilizing information released on the internet, then you’re in luck. Unileaks, modeled after the infamous Wikileaks, is a website dedicated to exposing the secrets of postsecondary institutions in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

The anonymous administrator of the site shared that although Unileaks is not yet at the level of Wikileaks, it has received a substantial amount of information. Wikileaks’ intention is good, he stated, but higher education needs something more specialized, which is why Unileaks was started.

The site, created by Australian activists and launched earlier this month, seeks to eventually include American colleges and universities. This is good news for our schools, which still have some time hide their skeletons even deeper in the closet.

Image Source: jabka. under Creative Commons
Unileaks Aims To Leak Universities’ Secrets [The Huffington Post]


Hey Berkeley! It’s been a while (kind of) since we last took a stand on a politically contentious issue, alienating ourselves from much of red state/middle America. Is this a bad thing? A good thing? Well, that depends on your opinion, but here’s another stand-taking that might get ugly: Berkeley City Council is now thinking of honoring the man who allegedly leaked the first set of documents.

The Council will vote on Tuesday of next week on “a resolution to honor” Pfc. Bradley Manning, the guy suspected to be behind many of the leaks (including the leak of a video of a US bomb strike on civilians). It was drafted by City Peace and Justice Commissioner Bob Meola who told the AP that Manning should get a medal.

Unsurprisingly, Fox News has already weighed in on the issue with the classy headline “Berkeley Gives America the Middle Finger.” The headline is followed by a picture of a giant flag, in case you didn’t already get the extreme subtlety of their message.

We would wager a good amount of our freedom that this issue is going to get a lot of hackles up on both sides. So how about it, Clog fans? Whaddya think?

Image source: alexcovic under Creative Commons
Berkeley Council weighs honoring accused in WikiLeaks case [Associated Press] via Oakland Tribune