Add another time-consuming issue to the ASUC’s to-do list this month: namely, figuring out how to resolve the whole “ASUC-should-divest-from-companies-with-ties-to-Israel-except-wait-do-we-really-want-to-say-that-maybe-we-don’t-but-maybe-we-do” thing. That’s not to mention having to deal with spring budgeting and elections for next year.

And speaking of anything relating to Israel that involves the ASUC, the story has been picked up everywhere from Indybay (big surprise) to the … Connecticut Jewish Ledger. Which is aptly named, as it’s based in Vernon. But the best part is the following quote: “Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, an outspoken advocate of the Jewish state, wasted no time in issuing a strong statement denouncing the resolution.”

We’re not sure which is more striking, the fact that a Harvard law professor has pitched in his two cents or the fact that he wasted no time in doing so.

Image Source: sean dreilinger under Creative Commons
ASUC President Smelko Vetoes Divestment Bill [Daily Cal]
Berkeley students vote to divest from companies with ties with Israel [Jewish Ledger]

CalTV’s Shay Arthur recently interviewed ASUC prez and big-shot Will Smelko. Here are a few highlights from the video above:

*He thought the job would be “more project-based,” like putting on concerts on campus.
Just like the POTUS!

*He thought it’d be more about “bringing students together for those types of events.”
We don’t suppose he meant … those types of events? read more »

Editor’s Note: Due to ridiculously high traffic all day Friday, the Clog was sporadically down for much of the day. Thus we resorted to Twitter for all of our occupation coverage. The above slideshow is a culmination of all the pictures we posted on Twitter taken by various Daily Cal employees. What follows are the highlights from our Twitter coverage. You can expect a more comprehensive post later.

*BREAKING: Students take over Wheeler Hall. read more »

A-something, like-a this?In what we presume is an effort to increase transparency and respond to student concerns about the you-know-what, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau has agreed to meet with students in what ASUC Prez Will Smelko called a “STUDENT TOWN HALL” in an e-mail earlier today.

The “STUDENT TOWN HALL” will also feature Executive Vice Chancellor George Breslauer and Dean of Students Jonathan Poullard, not to mention “key student representatives,” who we’re sure are not in any way affiliated with the ASUC and are not in any way named “Will Smelko.”

We’re also sure that this “conversation” will be a very orderly and un-shit show-like event, where students and administrators, together, will make fair, rational arguments and everyone’s voice will be heard. read more »


At Calapalooza this evening, we at the Clog spotted another fun ASUC publicity ploy. This lovely poster advertised the opportunity the win a date with External Affairs Vice President Dani Haber and President Will Smelko.

A date with both of them simultaneously sounds a little awkward, but to each their own. We’re not sure what exactly is required to win the date either, perhaps it’s some sort of new fundraising ploy, in which case, maybe other campus groups will soon follow suit …

Image Source: Valerie Woolard
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The new school year means all sorts of changes, and probably one of the last of them on your mind was the official convening of the new ASUC senate. The first senate meeting of the semester took place last night, and while we’re assuming it’s not still going on, it wouldn’t be a record if it were.

Th ASUC also seems to be making a bit more of an effort to be hip and cool, launching a blog and a twitter feed. Now, we’re not entirely sure how reading Will Smelko’s tweets about the chancellor’s reception is supposed to usher in a grand era of hope and change in the ASUC in the face of a largely apathetic student body, but we suppose that remains to be seen.

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