Dropbox, the fantastic online storage service, is currently having a “Space Race” competition to see which university can get the most students on Dropbox. Dropbox is giving away free space for your Dropbox account (up to an extra 25 GB) that is good for two years. read more »

Ah yes, it seems to be MacArthur Grant-awardin’ time, again, doesn’t it? You know the drill: Every year, the MacArthur Foundation picks between 20 and 25 “geniuses” to receive $500,000 over the course of five years — with which to do whatever they want. Because people who are that awesome do not need help deciding how to spend their money.

And, once again, we have TWO faculty members reppin’ the Berks, which is double the number from any other academic institution. read more »


 So, after all the build up, victory came easily. We don’t know how to feel exactly. Hyping this game for longer than someone studies abroad was fun in some sort of sick way. Now, it’s over. We had nothing to be nervous about, and now we have nothing to do.Eh, it’s still good to have football back. And it’s great to defeat the hated neon orange people. Here are some very, very profound thoughts on Saturday’s action:
  • We WON!!! Yayyyyy!!!! Woo!!
  • The DeSean Jackson punt return was unreal. He’s a better PR man than Reggie Bush was in college.
  • Can he do the kickoffs too? That could be cool.
  • The obligatory “Berkeley is CRAZY” coverage is always galling. It’s not that we hate RunningWolf interviews or Oaks reporting in general (in fact, the war over the Oaks never ceases to enthrall us). We’re just sick of getting stereotyped as Flower Child U. Um, why couldn’t the media focus on all the Berkeley hippies, eccentrics and street preachers who weren’t living in trees?
  • Part of the Berkeleotyping effort was the insane focus on Nate Longshore’s new look (obvious crack: Uh, you mean he looks like a great quarterback who won’t fold under pressure?). ABC just had to seize on Nate’s turning into Shaggy from Scooby Doo and talk about the QB’s Berkeleyification for centuries.
  • Justin Forsett was great, but he’s no Marshawn Lynch. The lack of a big, griding back will hurt us eventually.
  • But our defense will hurt us more. Jeez, they were awful. That awesome forced fumble was deceptive. Were there really 11 guys out there on Saturday? It felt like five at most. And all five were named Syd’Quan Thompson.
  • Jahvid Best is too fast for description. We tried to come up with a way to talk about him but just ended up sounding football announcerish (That guy can really, really, run the ball!).
  • See ya next week.