2368346202_05edffd868_zClasses start today, so we thought you might like some tracks to explore your feelings regarding this newest development. Yeah, we’re bummed that winter break is over. But we’re also glad to be going to the best school in the world.

Here are the 13 songs to kick off 2013:

1. Wizard Flurry Home, Mariee Sioux — If you saw snowfall this break, you’ll understand what she’s talking about here. But even if you didn’t, you’ll like the way she makes you feel. All Native American and shit.

2. When the Roses Bloom Again, Billy Bragg and Wilco — A chance to give a sorrowful farewell to the days of skiing and family feasts, this song’s almost upbeat tune clashes gloriously with its moody lyrics. Wilco’s distinctive voice dominates the vocals and is complemented by Bragg’s folk influences.

3. Submarines, The Lumineers — Filled with angst and youthful loneliness, this simple yet meaningful ballad is filled with folk energy.

4. Newlands, Justice — The key point of this song is not to think too hard. Just move to the prog beat, and don’t worry about the muffled disappointment that was Audio, Video, Disco.

5. Said So What, French Kicks — Reminiscent of The Beach Boys, it’s easy to groove to the warmth of repetition and jangling.

6. Half Gate, Grizzly Bear — This song resonates with beauty. It’s a mastery of composition and eloquently rich with meaning. It’s about barriers between people and the past. Such a good listen when you’re feeling sentimental.

7. One Pure Thought, Hot Chip — A dance track like no other, these guys just want you to smile. Don’t stress the ugliness that pops up — it’s on purpose, and the feels are ultimately satisfying.

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312645_1747180938153_153128412_n (1)1. Figure out an answer to “how was your break?” Admitting that you spent your entire break rewatching “Breaking Bad” and sleeping is a lot better than no answer.

2. Make yourself food. Because soon enough you will not have the time or energy to do so. Bonus: Invite some friends over you haven’t seen in a while to join you!

3.  Visit the Campanile, or go on a hike. Remind yourself that Berkeley is really beautiful.

4. Get a flier from someone on Sproul Plaza. Just do it.

5. Buy your textbooks, but do not open them — on the off-chance that you have to drop the course, you won’t be able to return them if they’re opened. Only allow yourself a few moments to cry over the price.

6. Create a list of all the awesome things you want to accomplish this semester. Make them wild and almost impossible, and know you probably won’t finish all of them.

7. Create a playlist to get you pumped to be back at school and for all your across campus commutes. Oh wait, we already did that one for you! (Clog’s 13 songs for 2013 playlist!)

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Finals came and went. At this very moment, many of you are making the trek back to your respective homes. Others are already there, basking in the glory of not having to deal with pressing academic responsibilities, vulgar roommates or tree sitters. But before you realize that you need to study for the February LSAT and apply for various internships and jobs (the career website says that now is the best time!)–the Clog would like to remind you that it is called “Winter Break” for a reason.

So sit back, take a load off, and enjoy your time away from the stress and nuttiness that defines our dear university–at least, until the grades come out.

Image Source: Christine Borden

Did you see the the goodbye squirrel on the Daily Cal’s Friday front page? Yesterday was the last day of Daily Cal publication for the year, but that doesn’t mean the world stops spinning.

The Clog, for one, will post throughout winter break. Starting Monday, we’ll switch into winter mode. You’ll notice 1) a different design soon and 2) less posts until mid January.

We’ll still be here, but we’ve got to suffer through finals too. Then it’s off to continue blogging on our “vacation.” Such is the life of a blogger!