We’ve all heard the stories of super seniors—with all those darn major requirements, (or “reqs” in college lingo) it’s hard to make it out of here in four years. But there’s a lesson for any who balk at the slightest delay in their diploma. Do you think you understand what it means to be a super senior? Try getting your diploma almost seventy years after the fact. read more »

shorts11-235x300Just in case we didn’t slather on the emphasis quite heavily enough. [Daily Cal]

In other awesome performance news, the Individual World Poetry Slam 2009 looms ever nearer on the horizon. We’d insert some sweet flow here, but it’s a little too early in the a.m. to be embarrassing ourselves. [InBerkeley]

Something completely unrelated to music: UC Berkeley’s Phoebe A. Hearst Museum wants to return a collection of Japanese remains from World War II to their country of origin. Only problem is, the bones might not be Japanese. Minor detail, right? [SFGate]

You know that fire? The one blazing away just a jaunt and a half to the south? Turns out Mt. Wilson, home to an observatory where UC Berkeley and other schools are invested in “multimillion-dollar astronomy projects,” is in significant danger of going up in flames. Not that this is more important than people’s lives, or anything. Our narcissism (read: douchebaggery) isn’t quite that advanced. [LA Times]

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We recommend a box of tissues for this one:

In a somewhat belated but no less moving gesture, the UC Board of Regents is bestowing honorary degrees on about 400 Japanese Americans who, when forced from their schools into World War II internment camps, were never able to complete their University of California educations.

One such former student, 88-year-old Grace Obata Amemiya, accepted her UC Berkeley degree this past Thursday. The event marked the first time in almost four decades that the Board has given honorary diplomas—an act purposely avoided to ” help avoid political pressures or the appearance of favoritism.”

Favoritism our a**. read more »