Perhaps you’ve been to a Worth Ryder gallery opening to check out your friend’s staticky TV hanging from a wire (art.) Perhaps you’ve been to BAM’s Friday [email protected] Nights series to observe your favorite group of people in its natural habitat. Perhaps you’ve seen that one decrepit but insanely well dressed old dude positioning himself odd and still on Sproul (performance art.) But we bet you’ve never seen professor art. Holy crap – now (through December), on campus, is your chance! read more »

pulp art lolz

Against the tide of ironic mustachery, the Oscars, Irish drinking holidays and college basketball madness, the UC Berkeley art community attempts to wedge itself a slice of March. Of course, we support this and suggest that you check out this and next week’s happenings. At least one of them, we’re pretty sure, has free booze going for it. read more »

It's so MODERN

Do you have amazing artwork no one will pay money to see? Do you still want to display your stuff, yet A) Don’t trust the wide, wide territory of the interwebs and B) Haven’t had any luck getting into local galleries?

Then now’s your opportunity. According to UCBLJ, the Art Students’ Union wants to set up a show for spring 2010 at the Worth Ryder gallery (in read more »