raputreDespite the strange number of foreboding earthquakes the day before the much-anticipated “Rapture,” the end of the world turned out to be a pretty enjoyable Friday.

Unfortunately for most of us, since the world is still here, so are midterms. Darn it! Guess we still have to study. But with the rapture now behind us, our dear Yoshua is nowhere to be seen … as of now. Which begs the question, will he come back?

The Clog couldn’t snatch an interview with the spiritual herald, so we consulted the expertise of Dale Loepp, a Ph.D. candidate in Jewish Studies and a GSI for Religious Studies 90A.

The Clog: Why didn’t the rapture happen? read more »

JoshuaYup, he’s back! Or maybe we just haven’t been paying attention. Either way, we couldn’t be happier since he’s one of our favorite Berkeley … uh, eccentrics? Honestly, we missed hearing his cries of “Yahweh!” all throughout the campus. It just kinda made us feel at home. And his warnings to find a savior or else a post-apocalyptic hellscape awaited us always made us feel cared for.

We thought when that whole May 21 Judgment Day thing didn’t work out very well for him, he might’ve been too embarrassed to be seen around Sproul Plaza again. But he’s back and he’s even got the new Judgment Day countdown!

Since we were so happy to see him back, we decided to say hi and ask him what happened to all that fiery death read more »

Whether we love to hate them or just hate them, the permanent fixtures of our campus, the Berkeley eccentrics, like doilies, decorate and add character to our campus. These opinionated Berkeley favorites are here to illuminate their philosophies and answer your burning questions about Jesus, Yoshua, and Happy Happy Man’s real name. (It’s Ho, ho, ho, in case you’re wondering). This has been up for a while, but we just stumbled upon it recently.

Bezerkeley [YouTube]