Pretentious David Bowie references aside, we here at the Clog like to tease Berkeley students for being broke. Just remember that we do it out of love. And since you’re still probably broke, why not go to a screening of “Invaders from Mars” tomorrow May 28 at the BAM/PFA at 7:30? It’s free for UCB students, and only $5 for general admission.

The screening is preceded at 6 by a reading from the wonderful book of “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” (soon to be a Martin Scorsese movie, so film majors, take notice) and a short film from George Melies called “A Trip to the Moon.”

As if all that isn’t enough, the movie itself features “flying saucers, eerie sounds, quicksand that sucks victims into an underground lair, raygun battles, and Martians in bold green jumpsuits with pronounced zippers!”

“Pronounced zippers,” you say? Yeah. We’ll be there.

Expanded cinema: Invaders from Mars [BAM/PFA]
Image source: Hey Paul under Creative Commons