It started in Miami, where a naked man was found eating most of another man’s face. Then in Texas, where a mother was accused of killing her own newborn in order to devour his brain and toes. Then again in Maryland, where a college student was charged with killing and eating another man’s heart and brain.The list goes on, but we’re not here to scare the shit out of your intestines.

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Here’s to Summer! The lazy days when skin and the leather of couches become synonymous, when the only thing to interrupt your afternoon slumber is the jubilant music of passing ice cream trucks and the naive laughter of children, unaware of the coming zombie apocalypse. Free of finals, papers, and Yoshua, enjoy your free time my fellow students — you will not bask in such luxury again.

No, not because the world is ending in December (we still expect our presents), but because you go to Cal, so suck it up. Now is the time to do all the things, do all the people, and get jiggy with it. Here at the Clog, we endorse hedonism (with protection) but in its most efficient, optimal sense. So here is a club crawl to guide you through your counting days of freedom before you’re back dodging flyers and 4.0’s at Cal once again.

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Teaming up with University of Iowa researchers, scientists at Berkeley are this much closer to ushering in the Zombiepocalypse. This is good news!

Why? Because the seemingly benevolent mechanism that triggers doomsday—in movies, at least, where everything depicted is accurate—is a modified gene therapy virus that has cured cystic fibrosis, or at least in cultured lung tissue.

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Today on “Trivial Things People Care About And Probably Shouldn’t,” we look at opposition to a proposed city ordinance attempting to give religious organizations the right to keep cremated human remains on their property. Pretty silly, huh? Well, maybe not.

The opposition, led by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, argues the law would essentially deny a right to the nonreligious, and thus be promoting religion in general. But the ashes of dead people? Well, yeah.

Berkeley does not allow mausoleums, graveyards or crematoriums within city limits due to possible health hazards—meaning, of course, the coming Zombiepocalypse.

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