The Clog did not speak too soon when we warned you of the coming zombie apocalypse. With the threat of a 20.3 percent tuition increase looming large in the instance Jerry Brown’s tax initiative fails this fall, students protested at the UC Regents meeting dressed as zombies. Get it? Cuz the debt is killing us slowly and turning us into the living dead. Ha. Ha. read more »

It started in Miami, where a naked man was found eating most of another man’s face. Then in Texas, where a mother was accused of killing her own newborn in order to devour his brain and toes. Then again in Maryland, where a college student was charged with killing and eating another man’s heart and brain.The list goes on, but we’re not here to scare the shit out of your intestines.

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sleeping white tiger

It has come to the Clog’s attention that sleep deprivation WILL drive up anxiety, according to a recent study done by Andrea Goldstein at UC Berkeley’s Neuroimaging Laboratory. WOW. What paradigm shifting, life changing, groundbreaking scientific research. Hmm, we wonder what’s going to happen to us when we juice ourselves on caffeine and 5-hour energies and stay up for 36 hours. There’s no way we could possibly become more anxious, is there?  read more »