Jan. 29, to be precise. Last we heard, Temple owners were hand-wringing over the cancellation of the November Zoning Adjustments Board meeting, which was supposed to grant them freedom to do whatever the heck they darn well wanted. According to more enlightened sources, the City of Berkeley needs time to complete an urban study. That’s a study of traffic and noise, the website adds helpfully. And by ‘time’, they mean several weeks.

More entertaining are the lengths to which the Temple has gone to publicize the affair and stave off the elimination of their venerable Sunday institution. The Facebook group alone has almost 800 members, the Youtube video is here, and apparently there’s a MySpace page in the works, too.

Anyway. While we wait in breathless suspense, have your post with a side order of crunch time procrastination.

Image Source: Kenn Christ under Creative Commons
Save Sundays at the Thai Temple! [savethethaitemple.com]