Greetings, lovely readers. As the semester continues to paw at the Clog’s heels (pun intended), we’re preparing a semester full of scrumptious, high-cholesterol blog food for your reading pleasure. But if that’s not enough and you want to get involved with the Clog on a more — shall we say — personal level, we might be looking for you …

Major Clog duties include:

* Posting at least four times a week
* Attending a weekly meeting
* Strong interest and/or involvement in Berkeley student life
* Writing with a confident voice, creativity and without errors

Does that sound like you? If so, we’ll let you know when the time is right to send your goodies to [email protected].

Please include your name, year, contact information, and a few sample Clog posts. By Clog post, we mean exactly what it sounds like–draft up a sample of what you’d like to write for the Clog.

The Clog follows the Daily Californian‘s recruitment schedule, so keep an eye out at the beginning of the semester for hiring information.

Complete these steps with flying colors, and you’re on your way toward becoming a bona fide Clogger!

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